Links of interest

1. Phillips Exeter Academy's Math Department Web site, with links to problem sets (Exeter uses only student-led discussion, group work, and designed problem sets to teach math grades 9 - 12): 


2. Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at the University of British Columbia. Research page with several studies related to peer discussion in science courses: 


3. Footage of a grade 9 English classroom that uses SPIDER Web Discussion method


4. Common Core ELA Standards:


5. Junior Great Books, a resource recommended to me by an elementary teacher that says the books are very well suited to SPIDER Web Discussion for the elementary classroom. 


6. AP Developments -- Changes in the AP courses for history, science, and languages which aim to place an emphasis on meaning-making and communication as opposed to the old days of content memorization. 


7. IB Developments -- Recent changes in the IB at MYP level (and for the near future at DP level) which aim to place emphasis on skills over content.