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Alexis Wiggins has taught English, Spanish, and humanities in the U.S., SE Asia, and the Middle East. She currently works as a Learning Coach at an international school in the Middle East. Her writing has appeared in Educational Leadership, Education Week, Independent School Magazine, and Kappan Magazine, among others, and she is writing a book on Spider Web Discussion and how it can transform student learning. Alexis is a Workshop Leader for the IB for Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL) in the DP, and she was the lead developer for the IB's DP Unit Planners. She periodically offers workshops for Harkness/Spider Web Discussion, ATL, and backwards design.

You can follow her on her blog www.modelsbydesign.wordpress.com and on Twitter at the handle alexiswiggins. She can be reached by email at: spiderwebdiscussion [at] gmail [dot] com.

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